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Welcome, and thank you for taking time to visit The Rock Church! You have discovered a non-denominational church, located in West Peoria and West Phoenix, that cares where you're going - and not where you've been!

At The Rock, we realize that nothing is impossible with God. The problems and obstacles we face become inferior to the power God gives us when we give our lives to him. The word says, “Those planted in the house of God will flourish…” (Psalms 92:13) and we believe that. We encourage you to get planted in a church, and we believe the people at The Rock are the best in the world.

Our passion is to help each person find their purpose and destiny on earth. We desire to help each individual move through hurts and pains of the past, defeat addictions and problems, and become successful in their spiritual journey. Our place in the world is at the top! Pastor Kevin is committed to delivering a challenging word that will transform your life. So we invite you to join us, and to be a part of changing our world.

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